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Tradelines work Faster & Better Than traditional Credit Repair. Fix Your credit scores with our tradeline company fast.


Tradelines For Sale

You can get the tradelines for sale you need from us to get approved for credit fast. Any tradeline we have has Perfect payment histories, low balance( 15% or less of limit) and high limits up to $35,000.

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Sell Tradelines With Us!

Our business focuses on helping others raise their credit scores and ratings. Your accounts must be at or below 15% debt each reporting cycle to be included in our program.

Some of our partners that sell tradelines earn $450-$3,300 each month helping others have a chance at the American Dream.

We have been in this credit repair/enhancement industry for many years. During this time we have developed a unique system we follow that gets you the most money possible and also helps protect your credit cards.


Piggybacking Credit With Our Tradelines

Our 5-step process for piggybacking credit results in the highest credit scores in the shortest time possible.

Our company philosophy is that Every American should have a chance at the American Dream and that's only possible with good credit.

We have helped Military, Clergy, Physicians, ex Law enforcement, Moms, Dads, Families and others raise their credit scores.



What can our tradelines be used for?

They have been used to Qualify for High Limit Credit cards, Mortgages, Auto Loans, Refinancing, employment and more.


How much does a tradeline cost?

Tradeline Cost is approx 350-1500 depending on the age and credit limit of the authorized user accounts. We have package deals available for those who want more than a single account.

Keep in mind the average person has 6 - 13 lines on their credit file. Having under 6 accounts reported is sometimes considered as having a thin credit file.


Using Our Tradeline for Credit Repair

Get started taking control of your credit, buy the tradeline for credit repair that you need. As soon as you purchase your authorized user accounts we add you to those accounts to start raising your credit scores.


Benefits Of Building Your Credit

Building your credit help you can experience savings on things you already pay for like interest rate on your car payments, lower interest credit card payments, Higher Limits, Easy Approvals.

You can also be able access money and credit to take advantage of investment opportunities or emergency situations.


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