Trade line Facts

Are tradelines Legal?

Yes, trade lines are legal. They have been legal since the Equal Opportunity Act of 1974. The act made it possible for spouse and others added as authorized users to have the primary cardholders payment record added to their own credit files.

How much will I earn to add your clients?

It depends on your card/s age, limit & type. The older the card and the higher the limit, the more you'll earn. Call Now for your free earnings quote. Some partners earn over $7000 per month. On average a partner will earn an extra $900-$3000 per month.

Selling tradelines, Is selling tradelines legal?

Yes, It's legal to sell tradelines. the best way is to go through our company. We have a team of brokers throughout the nation to help sale your authorized user spots. We will deal with clients, protect your identity and information as well as get you paid as much as possible for your authorized user account.

If i buy tradelines, what is your refund policy?

We have a refund guarantee. If the authorized user tradelines do not report to atleast 2 credit  bureaus we will place you on a comparable card. If after 60 days the accounts aren't posted you can get a refund issued for any uncompleted work.